Magnetic Bracelet Therapy - Therapy For Arthritis And Osteoporosis Diseases

Jewelry is a component of interest to all people, regardless of race, class and even ethnicity. This is a normal human life. The question is, do you know that jewelry can be a tool not only decorative but also could serve as a therapeutic tool to maintain health and reduce the level of pain that we experienced. Did you know?

This article will discuss how the jewelry can help us to maintain a healthy. With the help of magnetic jewelry that we were wearing on our bodies 24 hours a day are able to enjoy a life free from pain.

Those whom to wear a ring magnet (not the normal ring) for many years been able to cure the disease called arthritis. Once again, do you know of this story?
If you start looking for remedies for your illness, sure you will find some type of treatment and medicines are to be supplied. It all depends on the type of disease you are facing now.

But you must remember, most medicines and treatments will have their side effects. I'm not saying you can not go to the doctor and receive medication that they recommend. But you also have to be careful with the medicines supplied.

Magnetic therapy is one of the medical hereditary introduced thousands of years ago and is still used unti today. It is proven treatment to help heal the pain in the wrist, the fingers and hands.

For this purpose, you can wear a magnetic bracelet on your wrist to increase the circulation the blood. Jewelry with magnet used to work on the parts that have a positive polaritas.

Once you get improved blood circulation better results from the use of magnetic bracelets, thus amount of your oxygen received in your body will grow and reduce inflammation in the affected areas such as hand and wrist.

Most people stop drinking the medicine used to cure arthritis after they started wearing a magnetic bracelet. However, my advice, do not let you stop further medications unless recommended by the specialist doctor. This is because the magnetic therapy will only be impact after by using for a long period.

There are some patient that I know used the magnetic therapy for over two years, informed that they are wearing the magnetic bracelets and the ouput is very good to against the disease osteoporosis.

In addition to arthritis and osteoporosis, all magnetic therapy is very helpful in healing minor injuries, diabetes, especially in the legs and fibromyalgia.

There are many types of jewelry magnetic bracelet. You will see a ring made of copper, stainless steel and titanium. For the application of this ring, you can choose whatever suitable for you based on style, design and color.

Though magnetic therapy have many benefits to sustain your health, but the use of magnetic absolutely not recommended for pregnant women. In addition, if you use electric plants and heating bantalan or wearing an electronic implant, you are not suggested to use any magnetic bracelet therapy to relieve pain and heal the wounds and diabetes.

To obtain supplies of this magnet, you can find in internet.You will find thousands of pages that elaborate the latest information about magnetic therapy and the advantages of using this treatment method in more detail.

Reflexology – What It Can Do For You

Reflexology is a complementary therapy. Reflexology is generally carried out on the feet. According to one theory, patterns of stress can be broken up in other parts of the body through the 7200 nerves in the feet by applying appropriate technique. Another theory is that the body contains an energy field, invisible vital life force (Qi). Similarly, blockages of this life force are reflected through the feet, hands and ears in the form of lumps. Some other theories try to explain the release of endorphins in the body, stimulation of nerve circuits in the body, promotion of lymphatic flow etc.

A therapist will sanitize the feet before beginning the treatment. This is followed by application of oil or powder with some specific relaxation techniques and then the reflexology techniques are applied. Throughout the course of treatment, the therapist will observe any imbalances reflected in the foot. The components for treatment may comprise of soft music, essential oils and soft lighting. A good therapist always tries to create an atmosphere that will relax and nurture a patient. The number and frequency of treatments are decided by the therapist.

New approaches and techniques are rapidly evolving as therapists around the world develop and share their experiences and clinical findings together.

The Rwo Shur Method
The Rwo Shur method of reflexology is practiced in many parts of Asia. The pressure applied is very firm and the therapist uses a cream to allow a fast, efficient, free flowing motion.

The focus of the therapist is on relaxation and balancing the body systems. The therapist works always within the pain tolerance level of the patient.

In the recent years, therapists continuously are discovering the ways of influencing and balancing the quiet energies of the body through the feet and hands. More and more, acupressure points and concepts relating to energy therapies are being used within reflexology. Reactions to reflexology are demonstrated during treatment are feeling of relaxation, comfort, or wellbeing, yawning, tiredness, tingling sensations, slightly reduced body temperature and after the treatment - Reduced stress, feelings of deep relaxation, improved circulation, the body being in a dynamic state of balance and revitalized personal energy.

Flower Therapy – Use Flowers to Stimulate Your Emotions

Who doesn’t love to see a beautiful arrangement of flowers or inhale the aroma from a lovely flower bed? Flowers have been designed to be beautiful and fragrant so that they can attract the attention of wandering insects, and thereby use them to do pollination. We humans too are not immune to their charms. However, very few people are aware of the fact that flowers can play a very important role in altering our moods.

Flower therapy is not yet widely known, but it is increasing in popularity. We do know that a gift of flowers can cheer up a sick friend or indicate to a loved one how much we care for them. Flower therapy goes into great details about the effect that certain combinations of flowers have upon us.

Once we have this information in hand, we can place flower arrangements in our house or gift them to others in order to alter the recipient’s mood. Consider the kind of flowers you should send a sick friend. A combination of delicate colors such as pastel shades of yellows, greens and pinks will be far more appropriate than bold reds and purples. You should always send arrangements of delicate blooms in these light shades to anyone who is in need of nurturing.

Flowers in red, purple or orange are ideal for sensual arrangements when you want to make a strong statement. Arrangements in these colors have the ability to energize you and they are ideal for passionate or romantic settings. If you feel that it is too early to go for a sensual image, you could opt for romantic colors. You can add a lot of colors here, both from strong colors and from cool colors, with lavender and pink at the base of it, giving it a very pretty look. Flowers in these colors are ideal as gifts for people we love dearly.

Flower arrangements that have blues and greens as predominating colors can make us feel relaxed and serene. If you lead a very busy and stressful life, you should try and get arrangements of these colors so that your mood can be altered for the better.

There are many varieties of flowers that can be used in interesting combinations to convey emotions as per your requirements and needs. You can consult a website or book if you want to do it by yourself. However, if you need help with selecting the appropriate flowers, you could always contact a professional florist. Have a talk with them about your state of mind and how you wish to feel. When you are ordering flowers for someone, you should describe their personality as well as likes and dislikes to the florist.

Once you learn the skill of how to use flowers correctly in order to create a specific mood or reduce negative emotions, you will have more control over how you feel. Over time you will be able to get rid of many of the hindrances to a happy and completely fulfilled life.